Face Mask Detection System using Artificial Intelligence

Face Mask Detection System uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect people without masks.

Thermal Scanner

Body Temperatue Detection

Today's new normal... is anything but normal Across the globe new policies and procedures have been implemented to help ensure the safety of everyone from COVID-19. From sheltering in place, to social distancing, wearing a face mask and taking everyone's temperature. However wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing cannot stop a fever. All it takes is just one person with a fever that goes undetected and is infected with COVID-19 the results could be catastrophic. Not only in the potential loss of human life, but the financial impact of a shutdown and increase in an organizations civil liability.


Thermal scanner

One to one and on the go elevated skin temperature (mass fever) screening.

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When a person walks in front of our high definition cameras, dozens of multiple images are captured simultaneously with conventional and thermal imaging technology, looking for elevated body temperature and facial mask usage.

Social distancing

Scylla Social Distancing AI platform uses proprietary intruder and people detection system to ensure that building occupants are staying at least 6 feet away from each other.

Features of our thermal imagers

Buying a thermal imager is a sound investment. Especially when you decide on a

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CSS SuperResolution technology: Identifying more details
Because our instruments have the best price-performance ratio in their class. Because of this - and thanks to these features - they enable you to take the best possible advantage of infrared thermography for your purposes:
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CSS IRSoft: Analysis software
Independent and really easy creation of professional thermographic reports.
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CSS FeverDetection: Disease prevention
Identify persons with increased body temperature quickly and easily.
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Humidity image: Mould prevention
See the risk of mould directly in the thermal image.
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CSS SiteRecognition: Efficient inspection routes
Particularly practical for preventive maintenance.
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Process analysis package: Detect temperature developments
Full radiometric video measurement and sequence capturing directly in the thermal imager.
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Panorama image assistant: Easier analysis of large objects
Full radiometric video measurement and sequence capturing directly in the thermal imager.
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CSS ScaleAssist: Prevents incorrect interpretations
Automatic scaling for comparable thermal images.
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CSS ε-Assist: Even more precise thermal images
Emissivity and reflected temperature are automatically set.
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CSS Thermography App: Smart, networked work
Your smartphone/tablet becomes a remote control, second display and report centre.
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Connectivity: External measuring values in the thermal image
From humidity measuring instruments and current probes.
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IFOV warner: Always the right distance
Shows from what distance each object can be correctly measured.