Realize a Measurable ROI with Automation

With CSS AI for Invoice Processing, the entire process can be streamlined. Invoices can be handled programmatically by extracting relevant information from the invoices. A process that was previously handled by several

Processing invoices, when handled manually, is an expensive and time consuming function for any organization. With an invoice processing system from CSS AI, organizations can process invoices automatically, reducing

Being able to process paper-based invoices quickly and accurately is an important element for the success of any organization. As invoice processing costs escalate, organizations implementing an automated invoice

Introducing a tool to automatically extract information can improve the accuracy and speed of invoice processing, while reducing the overhead costs of accounts payable. Traditionally, processing invoices has been a

AI Invoice Processing Benefits

Reduce Manual Entry Costs

After implementing an automated invoice processing system, it will take a fraction of the time and amount of employees to process the same amount of invoices.

Improve Invoice Processing Accuracy

Inputting inaccurate data from an invoice can be very costly; these inaccuracies can result in overpayments and employee hours spent resolving issues with vendors. By automating the accounts payable process, human keying errors can be eliminated.

Accelerate Invoice Turnaround

Many vendors offer discounts for paying invoices early. With an automated system in place, invoices can be processed and paid more quickly

Configure Business Rules Unique

Validate extracted field data from the invoice according to your specific business rules.

Customizable XML and Database Export

Allows for a customizable system using XML-based scripting. Automatically encodes extracted invoice information for export to database.

Create a Measurable ROI

By automating invoice processing, organizations can save money by reducing the amount of time employees spend manually entering data, attain early payment discounts, and accurately pay invoices in a timely fashion.